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  • Scientists discover new way to help nerve regeneration in spinal cord injury

    There is currently no cure for spinal cord injury or treatment to help nerve regeneration so therapies offering intervention are limited. People with severe spinal cord injuries can remain paralysed for life and this is often accompanied by incont more...

  • Stem Cells Get Paralyzed Mice Back on Their Feet

    Treating spinal cord injuries is one of the dreams of modern science, and one Israeli research group may be on the right path. Using human stem cells, they have repaired the spinal cords of mice, allowing the paraplegic rodents to walk again.

  • Spinal Implants Market By Implant Type Fusion Implants Rods Screws Hooks Plates Cages

    Spinal Implants are used in spondylolisthesis, traumatic fracture, degenerative disc disease, and several forms of spinal instability including scoliosis with a spinal implant surgery. Implant systems with predesigned shape and function according more...

  • Shelly Kerchner Shares Her SCI Journey in New Book, Standing Tall

    Shelly Kerchner became totally paralyzed after fracturing her neck in a fall. In the book Standing Tall: The Healing Power of Gratitude , she tells her story about her recovery journey and teaches the importance of staying positive.

  • Stem Cell Therapy Partially, Unreliably Repairs Spinal Cord Injuries in Rats

    Start a monthly donation to the SENS Research Foundation. Speed up rejuvenation research programs.

  • Rebuilding spinal cords with an engineer's toolkit

    Like an earthquake that ruptures a road, traumatic spinal cord injuries render the body's neural highway impassable. To date, there are neither workable repairs nor detours that will restore signal flow between the brain and limbs, reversing p more...

  • Paraplegic rats walk and regain feeling after stem cell treatment

    Engineered tissue containing human stem cells has allowed paraplegic rats to walk independently and regain sensory perception. The implanted rats also show some degree of healing in their spinal cords.