Onsite SCI Training - After a client has been thoroughly evaluated, a training program will be established for their specific needs at that level of the client’s recovery. They will then work with our SCI Exercise & Recovery Specialists towards the goals that have been created for that client.

Not everyone can come to our facility on a regular basis. We totally understand that, and have other services designed to help our SCI clients recover! Although clients won’t have the full range of benefits we can offer onsite, continued recovery is possible…our founder used these methods for 2 years and continually saw progress.

Home-Based - (1-wk assessment & intensive training) After a thorough evaluation, we will work with a client and a family member to show them different exercises they can do in their home environment. We will gear the exercises for their level of recovery, equipment available in the home and the client’s goals.

**This program seems to be the most difficult to stick with. For this reason, the results in this method to recovery are not as satisfactory as others. Higher level injuries usually require 2 helpers for transfers and assistance with exercises and spotting. It is also physically demanding on the helper(s) assisting with the exercises. Initially, it may be the only option for some people. Ultimately, it is better to continue to do specific exercises you know will stimulate the nervous system than nothing at all.

We Teach Your Trainer - (1-wk assessment & intensive training) A client will bring a certified trainer from their area with them to our facility. After a thorough evaluation, we will work with the client and trainer and develop a program for the client’s level of recovery and goals. The program will include different modalities and exercises designed around what resources they will have to work with when they return home.

If you are properly stimulating your nervous system, you should continue to make progress. If you are involved in 1 of our off-site programs, we strongly recommend returning to our facility periodically for a new assessment and program re-evaluation. We will set new goals & redesign your workout program for your current level of recovery. A client may want to return for a week or a few months for the updates & encouragement. More important than the frequency and duration of the return visits is the consistency of the return visits!!! Being consistent with your program at home and following-up on different training modalities available to your different levels of progression are key factors in recovery!!!